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The Importance of Private Practice

A note from Don Belsterling, CEO & Dr. Steve Friesen, Medical Director

Thank you for either bringing your children to our practice or for considering us. We believe who you choose for your child's pediatrician is of utmost importance, since the doctors will play a crucial role in helping to shape their health in developmental years. We want to provide all of our patients (and potential patients) with as much information as possible to help them understand the constantly changing field of pediatric medicine. Frequently we hear the question, "Does private practice matter?" In short, yes, but let us explain just a bit more. (Soon, we will be providing real life examples of our concerns for you to consider)


As a private practice group, we take time with patients, and only write prescriptions and order tests that are necessary. We do not profit from self-referral testing or prescription sales. Our patients can trust that our actions and decisions are genuinely done in their best interest. We also do not pay our providers based on the amount of patients they see, or revenue they produce. This removes the pressure for rapid patient turnover, and allows the providers to spend the necessary time with patients. We are local doctors and nurse practitioners with a mission to serve you.


Our physicals are thorough and complete. Students' health and safety is a very legitimate concern when physicals are only 5 minutes. Furthermore, as your child's primary care provider, we are aware of their medical history and other information pertinent to an accurate physical assessment. We are led by board certified pediatricians who specialize in, and solely focus on, providing complete healthcare for patients 0-21, while many others who are providing services to your children do not have the same specialty training.

Convenience + Quality

We provide ALL DAY WALK-IN care for our patients. This gives the convenience of a quick clinic, but with the high quality of your personal doctor or nurse practitioner. New patients are welcome to utilize this service, provided they establish with our practice. This walk-in care can be used for acute symptoms (present 2 weeks or less) or for physicals for patients 10 years and older.

Thank you for helping us continue to grow and to be a strong independent group to help our communities. Truly we do care for our babies, children, and teens, and their health!

We sincerely thank you for taking the time and making the effort to research these matters. If you have further questions or concerns, we would be more than willing to talk through them with you. Please reach out to us for more discussion here.

Don Belsterling  Steve Friesen

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