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The Necessity of Reading to Your Children

Sadly, reading books seems like one activity that’s now thought of as quaint and outdated. Why pick up a book when the iPad is sitting right there on the table? But as parents, it’s important we read to our children, and encourage them to read on their own when they are able to do so. Multiple studies have shown the positive connections between reading to your children during infancy and preschool years and higher cognitive development and function. But tragically, over 50% of U.S. children are unable to read proficiently by the end of third grade.

So what are some of the many benefits of reading to your children from an early age on? Note some of these may apply more at certain ages than at others:

  • Increases children’s knowledge and vocabularies

  • Helps children’s imaginations grow

  • Helps children’s associative and cognitive abilities grow

  • Improves children’s attention spans

  • Creates a positive family interaction

  • Supports development of critical thinking skills (Ask questions during or after reading: why do you think they did that? How would you have acted in that situation?)

  • Teach children to enjoy reading, which will reap benefits years down the road as they continue through school

If you have any questions, or want more information, please contact either office or reach out to us through our website or Facebook page and we will be happy to help!

Information compiled from Nationwide Children’s Health Library and the National Association for the Education of Young Children

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