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Limit Total Screen Time to 2 hours a Day

Limiting Screen Time is Important for Good Health

Many kids spend over four to six hours a day involved in screen time (TV, computer, video games, phone use). But doctors recommend that total screen time be limited to two hours or less daily. This allows for more time to be physically active and limits unhealthy snacking.

Limit Screen Time: What Your Family Can Do

  • Remove TV's, computers, and video games from bedrooms

  • Make one area in your home for family media

  • Plan screen time in advance

  • Choose favorite TV shows and only have the TV on during that time

  • Set specific times during the day for computer and video games

  • Turn off the TV during meal times; gather around the table together and talk

  • Do not use TV, video games, and computer time as a reward - this only encourages inactivity and makes electronic gadgets seem too important

  • Involve the whole family in fun activities rather than watching TV or playing electronic games

Quick Tips:

  • Limit how long and how often you spend in front of the TV or the computer

  • Set clear limits on TV watching, video games, and computer time

  • Turn off the TV or computer for a whole day, at least one day a week

  • Be active during commercials by seeing how many push-ups, jumping jacks, arm circles, sit-ups, etc you can do before the commercials are over.

  • Don't eat in front of the TV or computer

For more information

Information provided adapted from the Centers for Disease Control, Ohio Action for Healthy Kids, National Heart Lung and Blood Institute, and NCH Handouts.


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