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"You have taken all of my concerns seriously and helped me make the healthiest decisions for our kids."

"They really care about you and your child."

"Very kind to the kids. I feel free to ask anything."

"Nicest staff and doctors. Very family oriented."

"You always take the time to get to the real issues at hand."

"I've used you for over 14 years and recommend you all the time."

"Staff goes out of their way to make my children feel comfortable."

"The health care here is phenomenal."

"I can always get my kids in when they are sick."

"Staff makes my children feel at ease."

"Best office I've taken my children to; they love the doctors and nurses."

"Good environment, great doctors. We could not ask for better care."

"It's the best pediatric office anywhere. You give children encouragement and positive influence."

"I just wanted to write and say thank you, and let you know how much we appreciated all of you the day I brought my son in when he was sick. I cannot say enough good about your practice. From the initial phone call, to the receptionist checking us in, to the nurse, to the nurse practitioner, EVERYONE was so kind, patient, and helpful. We did not wait more than a couple minutes in the waiting room, and again less than 2 minutes to see the nurse practitioner, Becca, in the exam room. Everyone took the time to listen to the whole story and never made us feel rushed or pressured. Becca spent probably a good 30-45 minutes with us, listening to everything we had to say and was so kind and gentle with my son. On our way out, one of the nurses made a phone call to another agency to set up the next step in our care, without me having to ask. She wrote down phone numbers and addresses for me, again, without me even asking. It is evident that you truly care, and we appreciate that. Your office is neat, clean, and inviting. I will recommend your practice to everyone I get the chance to."

Patient Testimonials

The following are stories some of our patients and providers have shared with us. If you have a story you would like to share with us and others, please submit your experience via the "Contact Us" page.

Miracles Still Happen
"I received a phone call from a mother of one of our patient’s regarding the patient’s worsening arm pain, which had started for no known reason about a week before. The patient had previously been healthy but now could not do a pushup. I saw the patient that day in the office and all initial tests were normal. A few days later the pain worsened to the point of waking the patient from sleep and causing them to cry. I ordered additional testing. MRI and bone scans were not normal but the radiologist could not explain the cause. Throughout this time, the family and I were praying for the patient.
I referred the patient to a pediatric orthopedist, who was also not sure of the cause of the patient’s pain. He discussed a biopsy with the oncologist and re-ran several tests, with the same results. Amazingly, the patient’s arm pain was getting better during the weeks of additional testing, but the orthopedist was still concerned and wanted to go ahead with the biopsy. The biopsy went well, test results were normal, and once the biopsy was healed, the patient’s arm pain was totally gone.
It has been about nine months with no further arm pain for the patient. We do not know why the pain came, or why it went away, but we are grateful for the Lord’s answers to our prayers."


The Lord Directs Our Thoughts
"I attended a conference this fall and while the speaker was discussing a rare illness, the discussion reminded me of a patient that I had not seen for a couple of years. The speaker only briefly mentioned this rare illness, but stated how difficult this illness is to diagnose. Our patient’s symptoms were similar to what the speaker had described, and the last I had heard, the patient’s treatments were not controlling the symptoms.
I thought about this family and the patient, but was unsure how to proceed because I did not want to seem pushy or bothersome. Two days after I returned from the conference, a paper about this patient crossed my desk. I cannot explain why the paper was given to me but I had a feeling it was not a coincidence. I called the patient’s mother and asked how the patient was doing and if the specialists had ever tested for this rare illness. The mother said she had been feeling discouraged about the patient’s symptoms and that the patient was not improving. After discussing this possible diagnosis, the mother found a specialist for the illness and we sent a referral. A few weeks later, the specialist called me saying he was 90% certain our patient did have this rare illness. We discussed possible treatments, and he said clinical trials had not been completed yet, but it would be ok to try some treatment.
After six weeks of treatment, the patient is healthier than they ever have been in their life! There are more hurdles to overcome because the illness is so rare there is no diagnosis code for this illness and the insurance company does not want to cover the costs of testing and treatment for the illness. We are thankful for the Lord’s intervention in this family’s lives and we will do everything we can to help them."

Patient Reviews and Feedback

We believe in our staff and the service we provide for the community. Part of continuing to provide the best pediatric care for our patients is by asking them what they think of our practice, so we can always learn how to serve them more. Here's what our patients are saying about us:

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