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Mission Statement

To practice the art and science of pediatrics within the parameters outlined by the American Academy of Pediatrics. To take part in the education of the families of the Ashland and Mansfield communities, enlisting their aid in the care of their children.


Pediatric Consultants of Ashland, Inc. Established 1999.

Practice Philosophy

To be available as an organization to the families of Ashland and Richland Counties in the support of the present and future wellness of the family unit, extending that support beyond the walls and hours of the office and hospital to include involvement in community education and support through organized medicine and government. To be devoted to continuing education so that the best and most updated information can be made readily available to the families of our patients. To devote this practice to quality and not quantity of care, treating each family as if it were our own.

Purpose Statement

We believe that for a person to achieve long term health (eternal), a person needs to have a relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. To that end, our care providers are available to pray with our patients. We also have Bibles available in the office for those who would desire a free copy.


We respect that many of our patients have differing views and beliefs, and we do not desire to force our views on others; however, we are a private practice, and as such, we are stating the ministry of Christ is our purpose in life and the foundation for our care giving.

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